Relationships and Health
by Jhon Wlaschin
Want to stress out a rat? Put it a box with a remote control car and chase it around for a few minutes. That's what Bibb Latane' and David Glass did in a  back in the 60s to investigate fear and attraction in rats. Rats were pretty terrified when experiencing this alone.

How do you measure stress in a rat you ask?

Basically the researchers measured the fear response, freezing, pooping or peeing and how close the rat would come to the car when it stopped.

What was interesting was when accompanied by another rat they both showed much less fear than when alone. It seems the mere presence of another rat calmed the creature down and that having a buddy at your side might be enough to better prepare you for a frightening situation.

Even more interesting, rats were noticeably less freaked out when the experimenters placed an anesthetized rat in the box. So just having another warm body next to you might be enough to measurably reduce the fear response of an oncoming Ferrari. 


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