Relationships and Health
Many of the posts that are presented here originated from the Relationships and Health class that Maryhope Howland and I created and taught this summer at the University of Minnesota.  We had students read a key article to prepare for each class.  We also created a private blog for the students to summarize the findings and then attempt to describe how it applies to their own life.  The students have agreed to allow some of their posts to be presented here in this more public forum.

So from time to time I will reblog (is that a word?) their ideas about their reactions to current science involving how relationships affect health and well-being.  

This is a commentary from a on how relationships can influence our goals and affect self-regulation written by two young superstars in social psychology :  and .  


07/08/2012 22:38

It great to know that students are taking so much responsibility and will be creating articles on their own. I am excited to read their articles.

08/02/2012 22:43

Very nice health blog i like reading health related post very much.

08/08/2012 05:08

Well, I think, relationship affect most of the aspects of your life, so as the health and self-regulation.


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